While there are very few editing tasks that I can’t take on, here are the areas where I really shine.

  • Heavy and developmental edits.
  • Plot and characterization suggestions.
  • Horror.
  • Flash fiction.
  • Romance novels.
  • Thriller, crime, and suspense books.
  • Ads and social media posts.
  • White papers.
  • Other marketing material.

With longer novels, I offer sample edits (1–3 chapters). This is a paid job and is mostly done to see if we’re a good fit and you would like to continue to work with me on your book. I also offer sensitivity reader services, specifically for books, film scripts, or other works with autistic or genderqueer main characters. This can be a supplemental editing service you would like me to provide in addition to proofreading or developmental editing, or something you need done by itself.