The First Poem I Wrote In 15 Years

Summer’s almost here. Would you like to see a poem I wrote?

For some context, I used to write poetry all the time growing up, but after a while, I stopped. But, then, I started my English degree. I learned about confessional poets, and their writing reminded me of the reason I started writing poetry in the first place—to process my strong emotions. So I gave it a shot again, and here’s the finished product.

i wasn’t sorry
when i wrote those things
about my room-mate
in my diary

she was tall and she liked disney movies
and would always skip past the parts
she didn’t like
despite the fact that i hadn’t seen them before

how was i supposed to know that she would see it (it was private)

i was loud; but i was invisible
i wanted eyes on me
but i was vanishing fast
slipping through the cold sea

i don’t think i’m human.
no, i think i might not be human.

i don’t talk like humans do.
i don’t think like humans do.

caught in a feedback loop; neurostatic

i want to be reborn from my shell
with sharp claws and sharp teeth
soaked in my own gore

and with two stomps of my mighty feet
submerge this island
in the sea

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